MILITARISM & MIGRATION CONFERENCE April 21-23 2017 ~ City Heights, San Diego, California

From the website (please go to website to view program information and to register):

We invite the public, artists, activists, academics, and all communities to join us for a three-day conference in City Heights, San Diego. The M & M Conference will include workshops, panels, discussions, film showings, art exhibits, performances, and presentations exploring the connection between militarism and migration within the urgent context of ongoing transnational struggles.

San Diego is home to a continually growing migrant and refugee population displaced by U.S. wars in Southeast Asia, the Pacific, and Central America, and more recently by wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, and other countries. San Diego’s vast defense and military industries and training facilities make possible and fuel the wars and displacements of these populations. Its proximity to the U.S. Mexico border and ongoing colonization of the Kumeyaay nation have also intensified the criminalization of indigenous and racialized populations in the region.

Our conference will emphasize how we can critically envision and work toward a demilitarized and decolonized future.

Conference Dates:
April 21-23, 2017
East African Community and Cultural Center
4061 Fairmount Ave, San Diego, CA 92105



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