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Support Black Lives Matter + Stand With Standing Rock

Looking for a gift that supports grassroots organizing for social justice?

Local San Diego activists are selling Black Lives Matter and I Stand With Standing Rock shirts. All proceeds are directly donated to the national BLM movement and Standing Rock’s legal battle with the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Black Lives Matter shirt
100% cotton Bella Canvas shirts
Unisex shirts in size S-3XL
Cost: $15.00 each

I Stand With Standing Rock shirt

100% cotton Anvil shirts
Unisex shirts in size S-3XL
Cost: $20.00 each; $15.00 for students

Shirts are available in the Ethnic Studies Department in Maher 210 at the University of San Diego. For mail orders, email Bulk orders accepted; shipping fees are not included. Please spread the word!

A HerStory of the BLM Movement:
The Movement for Black Lives:
Stand with Standing Rock:
Oceti Sakowin Camp:


Shirt front: Black Lives Matter (with permission from BLM)
Shirt Back:
End the War on Black People
Economic Justice
Community Control
Political Power

Shirt front: I Stand With Standing Rock; Water Is Life (with permission from Standing Rock)
Shirt back:
Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline
Support Indigenous Self-Determination
Protect Sacred Sites & Homelands
Honor American Indian Treaties

Organized by Asians4BlackLives San Diego and bkSOUL


Ethnic Studies Faculty And Students Lead Teach-Ins At University of San Diego

The Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of San Diego held five campus teach-ins Fall Semester 2016. Our teach-ins addressed the shooting of Alfred Olango in El Cajon, the 2016 presidential election, National #NoDAPL Day of Action, solidarity for Standing Rock, and immigrant rights.

Teach-in for Alfred Olango 10/4/16p1190009p1180903

Teach-in for 2016 Presidential Election 11/9/16p1190088

Teach-in for National #NoDAPL Day of Action 11/15/16p1190099p1190116

Teach-in for Standing Rock Solidarity 12/6/16p1190811p1190814

Teach-in for Immigrant Rightsp1190818

Op-Ed by Roshanak Kheshti, November 16, 2016

Ballot Box as Klan Hood and the Rest of Us in the Wake of the Election of Donald Trump as 45th US President

I write not with the expertise of a political scientist or demographer, those emperors of data and partisan, capital ‘P’ politics whose new clothes—AKA ‘big data’-informed poll predictions—have only just been revealed to some (not others) as ruse. I write today as an ethnic studies professor, born in Iran and raised an undocumented immigrant in a deeply segregated South. I write as a professor of little ‘p’ politics, at that scale of life where policy caresses and penetrates the skin, producing cancer and lead poisoning, where one face looks at another face and exchanges words through language (sometimes epithets), where glyphosate-stricken food is eaten and maquiladora-made guitars are strummed, where hundreds of feet momentarily dance away the dystopian times at silent discos in desperate acts of escapism. These spaces constitute my laboratory.

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