Counter-Military Recruitment Resources

Resources for Counter-Military Recruitment in Schools


American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

The Coalition for Alternatives to Militarism in our Schools (CAMS)

Project YANO

National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth (NNOMY)

War Resisters League

Youth Activist-Youth Allies (YAYA) Network

Resources For Students

Actions students can take in their schools and communities

High School Student Rights

Military Sexual Assault handout & fact-card

Sgt. Abe the Honest Recruiter – A comic-book style examination of dangerous clauses in the enlistment agreement

Resources For Parents

FAQs About Opt-Out, and Recruitment Access

“Help Your Peace-Loving Child Avoid the Draft” by Helen James, Mothering Magazine

Military Recruitment in High Schools

“Recruiting Children into the US Military” by Gary Evans, MD
Includes findings on frontal lobe development in teens and how it relates to the ability to make prudent decisions

Resources For Teachers & Counselors

It’s My Life: A guide to alternative after high school

Alternatives to the Military Listed by State〈=en

Ya Ya Network Resources

Curriculum Materials for Teachers

Adbusters Media Literacy Kit to use with recruitment ads

AFSC C-R Training Manual with a 45-minute lesson plan

Bay-Peace: Better Alternatives for Youth has samples of the curriculum they use for workshops and classroom presentations, as well as links to useful videos, pamphlets and other resources:

Camouflaged: Investigating how the U.S. military effects you and your community

Help Your Peace-Loving Child Avoid the Draft by Helen James, Mothering Magazine. Can be given to art/English/history teachers to create assignments for a potential CO file.

Rethinking Schools magazine offers practical ways to teach controversial subjects

Syracuse Cultural Workers sell a yearly Peace Calendar that is full of potential lesson plans for teachers

Immigrants Issues

Immigrants & Military Recruitment

Latin@s & the Military

Thinking of Joining the Military to Gain U.S. Citizenship

Veterans Groups

Courage to Resist

GI Rights Hotline

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Veterans For Peace


Before you enlist: The real deal on joining the military (also in Spanish)
A rational counterpoint to the seductive and often deceptive recruiting practices of the U.S. military. It gives young people and their families of the life-altering consequences of joining the military ? especially in wartime.

The Ground Truth (77 minutes)
Young veterans discuss how boot camp training and combat experience has profoundly changed them

Soldiers Speak Out (27 minutes)
Young soldiers who oppose war; lots of good extras

Yo Soy El Army
This short video looks at the militarization of the immigration debate.
Alongside the Spanish-language media campaigns, the false promises and
stringent laws that have even resulted in deportation of non-citizen
veterans, and the DREAM Act.


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