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“Ethnic-Studies Course is Illegal”

Here is some information that comes from Arizona.  Once again, it appears that Ethnic Studies and Indigenous Studies programs are facing termination.  Please review, discuss and comment.

State gives TUSD 60 days to heed law
Ethnic-studies course is illegal, Huppenthal says
by Pat Kossan
The Arizona Republic

Jan. 5, 2011 – Arizona’s new superintendent of public schools is giving Tucson Unified School District 60 days to comply with a new state law that prohibits teaching courses aimed at certain ethnic groups.

In a written statement released Tuesday, John Huppenthal said he agreed with former state schools superintendent Tom Horne’s decision that the Mexican-American studies courses offered by the state’s second-largest district violate the law. Continue reading


Removal of Tongva Human Remains

Here is some troubling news that comes  from the Los Angeles area.  The Tongva People find themselves once again (2011) in an unthinkable position.  The removal of these remains clearly violates the Native American Graves and Protection Act (NAGPRA).  What is being done about this issue?  See the contact information and bibliography at the end of this publication.

TO: Members of the Los Angeles Community
FROM: Members of the Gabrielino (Tongva) Community
DATE: January 5, 2010
RE: Removal of 90+ Historic Human Burials at the La Plaza de Arte and Cultura, 501 North Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

The Background
“LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes at El Pueblo Historic Monument is a multi-million dollar museum dedicated to showcasing and preserving the history of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in Los Angeles. The museum is housed within the historic Vickry-Brunswig and Plaza House Buildings next to Our Lady Queen of the Angels Church (commonly known as “La Placita”)… (Molina 2011)”  LA Plaza is scheduled to open on April 15, 2011 (Painter 2010).  This project is the pet project of Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina, First District.

The LA Plaza (see is located at 501 North Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 and is within Los Angeles’s first consecrated cemetery (LA Cultural Monument #26). The cemetery contains the remains of not only early Spanish and Mexican settlers but also the Native Americans to whom they were intermarried. The cemetery opened in 1822 and closed in 1844 when it was determined that the lot was too small. According to the Los Angeles Archdiocese and other documents, the remains were to have been removed and re-interred at
Calvary Cemetery. Continue reading

Tucson Continues Ethnic Studies Classes Despite New State Ban

Tucson Continues Ethnic Studies Classes Despite New State Ban
by Julianne Hing

January 3 2011 – In his final act as Arizona state school superintendent, Tom Horne called a news conference Monday morning to announce that the Tucson Unified School District is operating in violation of HB 2291, the bill he helped pass that banned ethnic studies programs across the state.

“They teach kids that they are oppressed, that the United States is dominated by a white, racist, imperialist power structure that wants to oppress them,” Horne said, Arizona’s KTAR reported. He found Tucson’s ethnic studies program in violation of all four provisions of HB 2281 which forbid classes that are “designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group”; teach political views that encourage “overthrow of the U.S. government” or “promote resentment toward a race or class of people” and advocate “ethnic solidarity.” Continue reading

Arizona Bans Ethnic Studies and, Along With it, Reason and Justice

Arizona Bans Ethnic Studies and, Along With it, Reason and Justice
by Randall Amster, Huffington Post

Dec 29, 2010 – While much condemnation has rightly been expressed toward Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, SB 1070, a less-reported and potentially more insidious measure is set to take effect on January 1, 2011. This new law, which was passed by the conservative state legislature at the behest of then-school superintendent (and now attorney general-elect) Tom Horne, is designated as HB 2281 and is colloquially referred to as a measure to ban ethnic studies programs in the state. As with SB 1070, the implications of this law are problematic, wide-ranging, and decidedly hate-filled. Continue reading